The Swastika

The Swastika
Dave Ebert

The BIKERS Series books are historical fictions. Historically, the time periods in which they are set is kept as accurate as possibly. Fictionally, the characters and club names are fictional. The books never mention colors, names, or territory of any existing club, past or present.

The swastikas on the fictional three-piece patch, both covers book 1 & 2, are there because in the time period of witch these books are set, most outlaw clubs wore the swastika in one form or the other. Therefore, the swastikas shown on the BIKERS Series book covers are not an endorsement, rather an accuracy to depict that time period.

From the author: I guess I didn’t realize how hated and offensive this symbol can be to some. I promise, my intention was never to promote hate when putting it on my books. And if this symbol does offend you, please read on. However, if it does not, please do the same.

This happens to be the most misunderstood symbol in the United States today. So often, this symbol stops at, and is related to, the hatred and genocide created by Adolf Hitler during the few short years of his ugly reign. The truth is, this symbol dates back almost as far as mankind. One of its most unique legacies is, it has been found on cavern walls, pottery, and jewelry dating back thousands of years in different regions stretching worldwide, when there is no known method of communication between any of the civilizations sponsoring it. Provoking the question, “Where did it come from?”

Up until Hitler, it had always been celebrated as a ‘good luck’ symbol, or a ‘religious’ symbol; the U.S. Army wore the swastika on its uniform during WWI, 45th I.D.. Click Here

Many brave Americans died fighting for our freedoms, while so very proudly wearing the swastika…

The Boy Scouts of America also endorsed the Swastika, and had it as a good luck token to pass out to citizens that were found doing good deeds. Click Here

Native American had, and do still have, the cross as a strong icon of their proud heritage, and as an honorable good luck symbol. Click Here

Hitler and other hate groups have tarnished the truth behind this peace and good luck symbol. As far as we know, the fact is, it has been on our planet since the beginning of mankind; it was found carved on a mammoth tusk dating back 10,000 years ago! Click Here

There are religions stretching the globe that view the swastika as a unique demographic and enduring gift from God himself. Once the prejudices are lowered, one may begin to take note and find the swastika in almost every man-made object. It’s broken right angles and prefect symmetry can be seen in almost everything we build…