About the Author

About the Author
Dave Ebert

I was born surrounded by Harley Davidson’s. My grandfather was one of the earliest Graduates from the Harley Davidson school of Mechanics, Milwaukee, Wis. There are many early patens through-out the Harley Davidson Machine credited directly to him. All three of his sons; my father and two uncles rode H.D.’s. The oldest of the three rode with one of the earliest one percent Clubs in the World. The other two rode-out the rest of their life’s as 99%ers. My oldest brother was in a 1% Motorcycle Club, and like the main character in this book, I played ‘Step ‘N’ Fetch’ during their Wild parties in the mid to late 60’s. I bought my first Harley in 1977, a 1964 pan head police special, I was 17 years old. And like my nephews, daughter, son-in-law, Brother, father, uncles and granddad, I have been loving and riding H.D’s ever since!

‘Groovy Dav’