“The Swastika”

“The Swastika”

This happens to be the most misunderstood symbol in the United States today! So often, this symbol stops at, and is related to, the hatred and genocide created by Adolf Hitler during the few short years of his ugly reign. But the truth is; this symbol dates back almost as far as ‘mankind’! One of its most unique legacies is; it has been found on cavern walls, pottery, and jewelry in different regions stretching worldwide, when there is no known method of communication between any of the civilizations sponsoring it! Provoking the question, “Where did it come from?”…….

Up until Hitler, it had always been celebrated as a ‘good luck’ symbol, or a ‘religious’ symbol; our very own U.S. Army wore the ‘Broken Cross’ on its uniform during WW I (45th I.D.). Many brave Americans died fighting for our freedom, while so very proudly wearing the swastika!

The Boy Scouts of America also endorsed the Swastika, and had it as a ‘good luck’ token to pass out to citizens that were found doing “good deeds!” Also, American Indians had, and do still have, the cross as a strong piece of their proud heritage, and as an honorable good luck symbol!

I implore you, do not allow Hitler or any hate groups to tarnish the beauty of this peace and good luck symbol; it has been on our planet since the beginning of time! Rather view it as a unique demographic and enduring gift from God himself! Once you begin to take note, you’ll find and see the ‘Broken Cross’ in almost every man-made object! It’s broken right angles, topsy-turvy, can be seen in almost everything we build!

Thank you,
– ‘Groovy Dav’ –

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The last 4 patches are from both the Nazi and American military. (labeled: German Luftwaffe Breast Eagle Patch, 1944 Wehrmacht Eagle Patch, American Naval Amphibious Forces, U.S. 101st Airborne). They are displayed here to show the eagle was adopted by Adolf Hitler in the same way as the swastika. The argument began then, (1930’s); if the U.S. does not surrender the swastika, it will not become an exclusive, strong icon for Hitler!

The eagle however, was never surrendered to Germany by the U.S., and it remains a strong symbol for the American people to behold as a sign of our unity, love for country, peace, victory and honor! This is what would have happened with the swastika if the Americans would have held on to it, embracing its beauty. It should never have been sacrificed to the throes of an insane dictator and murderer! … If the American public would once again begin advertising the swastika as an accepted peace and love icon, a good luck symbol, then the current ‘Hate Groups’ would have to find another symbol to project their hatred on to!
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