Book 1: “BIKERS”

11073558_1032544916774812_5837031828975069461_nBikers by Dave Ebert

Along with the historic Harley Davidson came the “Age of the Biker” which signifies the fast, carefree lifestyle that has spawned a very select group that was born free, born wild, and born to ride. They are 1% of the Bikers, and they were offered No Choice; “They were Born that Way!” And, “They will Die that Way!”

In his new-fangled book titled Bikers, author Dave Ebert tells about the story of this chosen few—the restless ones, those who can never find peace or love for any length of time. This book will take you back to the time of wars to witness the adventurous and exciting story of the bikers.
Bikers is an extraordinary literary masterpiece that introduces readers to the life, times, and adventures of the select few—the members of a particular club and their relationship with the US military and the wars these two groups have shared.

Throughout this book, readers will find stories of war, conflicts, relationships, adventures, personal struggles, love, and enduring brotherhood. They will witness how the bikers lived their lives amidst all these realities that they have to deal with, how they faced the challenges, how they managed to ride complicated situations smoothly, and how they preserved and existed with the truth and passion as bikers.

Through Bikers, readers will learn valuable life-lessons that they may apply to their daily life.

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